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About Whale Watching without the crowds

Come Whale Watching “without the crowds” from Mooloolaba

Come Whale Watching “without the crowds” from Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba now offers the best and closest thing to a private whale watching experience you will get anywhere ! As amazing as the whale watching can be in Harvey Bay, the Sunshine Coast is rapidly becoming “The GO-TO” destination for Whale Watching in South East Queensland. And for good reason! It offers the safest (and therefore most comfortable and reliable) Bar crossing between Brisbane and Gladstone. A stunning Bay with good protection from Fraser and Moreton Islands. All only an hour’s drive from Brisbane! So perfect a setting in fact, that Mooloolaba is now one of the few places in Australia, even the world, which offers swimming with the whales ( also referred to as snorkelling with the whales).

If you are looking for a totally personalised and near private whale watching trip, Sunshine Coast Afloat is your best choice! With a maximum of 23 passengers on a massive 55 foot boat, you will always get the perfect view!

Sunshine Coast Afloat operates a wide range of activities allowing us to keep passenger numbers to the bare minimum. Our entire focus and goal is to give you a truly intimate encounter with these gentle giants of the ocean. You will always able to take pictures or video without the heads of other people in the way.  Well, this whale watching tour is exactly what you are looking for! The luxury of no crowds. The ability to see the whales properly the way you imagined it should be!

Please note- This tour operates from 1st July to 20th October only!

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